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Why Your Personal Brand Really Does Matter

When starting a company, there are many decisions you have to make surrounding your business plan, employees and finances – but what about your brand?

Yeah, branding involves logos, slogans and graphics, but it’s much more. Branding plays a part in your entire customer experience; in-store, online and the way customers perceive your company on a day to day basis. Good brands don’t just happen, they are created through thought out and strategic planning so it’s extremely important to be aware of the brand experience your company is providing.

Have you ever considered consulting or going after an executive position at a company, where a strong platform will help you command high rates? Building your personal brand now helps your business, but it also helps lay the foundation for your future success – whatever direction that might take.

Branding makes you, and your business, memorable; and memorable is good, in most cases. You don’t want to be remembered as a pushy salesman, right? This is why you need to do everything you can to create a brand that your market will like and trust. Influence is another great benefit of brand building. The simple act of persistence and consistency with your brand’s message will be enough to create a sense of authority in your brand.

Top 10 Reasons Branding Is Crucial:

  • BRANDS CONNECT TO CUSTOMERS: Good brands connect with customers emotionally. When they purchase your products, they know they have made a good decision. You want customers to feel good emotionally when they engage with your company and products.
  • BRANDS GENERATE REFERRALS: People love to share things they like. Yes, people love to talk and share products through word of mouth, but they will also share your brand without even knowing it through wearing your product, eating your product, driving your product, etc.
  • BRANDS FORM FOCUS: Many companies easily wander away from plans and goals when new tasks arise. Having a strong brand helps you to stay focused and work towards missions and visions that need to be met as an organization, while staying true to the brand you have established.
  • BRANDS MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES: Establishing a clear brand strategy provides clarity to employees that is needed in order to be successful. Brands set guidelines for how they should act, what is expected of them and how they can meet the organizations goals.
  • BRANDS ARE A PROMISE: Customers want to purchase products from companies that will take care of them. Creating a brand allows your company to state their promise to the customer. Who are we and what do we have to offer?
  • BRANDS CREATE AN EXPERIENCE: Customers want an experience when they purchase items. When they come to your company is your logo visually appealing, are your employees friendly and helpful and are your products satisfactory? Their experiences with your brand will leave a mark.
  • BRANDS PROVIDE VALUE: Strong brands give companies value beyond just their physical assets. Yes, Nike has value within their equipment, offices, factories, warehouse and products, but they have created even more value through their brand and famous “just do it” slogan.
  • BRANDS SET YOU APART: In today’s market, companies are never safe from competition so it’s critical that your brand stands apart from the rest of the crowd. What do you have that sets you apart from your competitor?
  • BRANDS CREATE CONSISTENCY: Concise and clear brands help customers to be at ease because they know what to expect every time they use their product or come in to your store.
  • BRANDS CREATE RECOGNITION: People like to be familiar with the companies they give their money to. Branding your company not only allows people to recognize you but also gives people a sense of ease when they are purchasing your products.

Let Tekmedia Ent. Help You

We have 2 Build Your Brand packages to help you get your business up and moving forward. For the price of $550 dollars we will provide you with:

  • A new custom responsive CMS Website (up to 15 pages)
  • A custom logo representing your company
  • 1000 or 500 full gloss font and back color business cards
  • 1000 or 500 full gloss font and back color flyers

If you would like to begin creating or improving your company’s brand or would just like more info, please complete and submit the BYB form below and someone from our design team will contact you within 24hrs.

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